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Play Michael's exact Trombone

For lead trombone playing in a big band, jazz soloing, plunger improvisation, studio session work, commercial music (pop, rock, gospel etc.) and just about anything else that pops up, the 891Z is what Michael uses. Especially for younger players, this is an instrument that can last from as early as 8th grade through college and beyond.

Click here to visit the Yamaha 891Z page and see the exact specifications of this trombone.

Michael also plays the Yamaha 831ZII trumpet and the 82Z tenor saxophone.

Play Michael's exact Mouthpiece

Made through a partnership with Peter Pickett of Pickett Brass Mouthpieces in Lexington, KY these mouthpieces are his custom fit for all styles of playing. Available in large shank (similar in size to Bach 5G) and small shank (similar in size to Bach 6.5) - Click here for more info

Michael Dease Complete Solo Transcription from Coming home

Available at Warick Music - Click here for more info

Study with Michael at Michigan State University

Scholarships & Graduate Teaching Assistantships are available.  Although not required, auditioning students can schedule a lesson prior to their audition with Professor Dease during their MSU campus visit.  

Michigan State University College of Music -

B. Mus - Jazz Trombone; B. Mus Ed. - Jazz Emphasis M. Mus - Jazz Trombone

Private LEsson via Michigan/touring/Skype/FaceTime

Due to limited schedule availability Michael only offers regular lessons to a limited number of high school students.  These lessons are at a discounted rate.  You can check availability by inquiring through the CONTACT page.

When scheduling permits, Michael can accommodate a lesson request in the areas of Trombone, Jazz Improvisation, Doubling, Composition & Arranging, Professionalism, Career Advice, and General Musicianship.  $200 for 1 hour lesson. PayPal only.  

*no longer offering package lessons or 2 hour lessons.  




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