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Birthaday! On the Road Again: Tokyo, Japan & New Listening

35 today!  I was wondering what the first thought would be when this day came.  Here it is.

[wakes up at 3AM (jet lag)]  say to myself:  "35 huh?"  ...   [looks around, finds bottle of water]  "I should drink that bottle of water so I stay hydrated."  [watches CNN...]

Yes so that's it.  I thought about staying hydrated so I don't get tired or unnecessarily hungry throughout the day.  It was a good idea, almost exciting, and that is the narrative of today's birthday morning:  priorities shifting and maturing.  The bottle of water is tied in to my teaching today at the fantastic Seiko Summer Jazz Camp.  These kids sound so good and have an eager brightness about them, that I want to match them- even exceed their enthusiasm if I can.  The water will help!  

Don't get me wrong- I'm not completely boring, yet!  It's that birthdays "down the road" become less about the self, more about relationships, and realizing they are the the same in concept and affect.  

Enjoying a birthday is deep.  Later, I'll sit back and enjoy ....  turn of the computer for a second and chill, but mornings bring reflection.  Watching my musical brother Ulysses Owen's teach at, and grow this jazz camp is humbling and joyful all at once.  We were finding our way at Juilliard 16 years ago, and now we are poised to deliver the guidance we so craved.  It's tremendously rewarding to recount the stories we have learning from greats like Mulgrew Miller, Curtis Fuller, Renee Rosnes, Illinois Jacquet, to young(er) folks. Although I'd prefer (in a perfect world, as if!) to be home with Gwen and Brooklyn on my b-day (and who wouldn't???), this is a close second! The music needs it.  

These rich memories and contemplation will need to be balanced with a cigar, company and heavy laughing but that's for later.  Plus, I probably don't want to write about that so you get stuck with the ruminations.  LOL Moving on...

I'm checking out some new music - Gerald Cannon's "Combinations" - recommended.  

Alright, more later- thanks for visiting and swing on.

Mike Dease

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