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Enter 2018: Babies, Bass, Drums, and Website. let's go.

Hey- thanks for reading and stopping by.  

Brooklyn, the cute little baby that keeps popping up in my photos, she just turned two!  We had a fun party at a local kids playroom and many of our good friends stopped by with their kids- what a blast that was!  And next week, we have the ultrasound of our next child.  We are very excited! Also exciting, but in a different way, is my growing fascination with Bass and Drums.  My basement is now set up with a Gretsch Catalina Club, some cool cymbals, and a bass that I'm buying from Rodney Whitaker so I can practice whenever I want! It's set up like a gym with these little stations, so I just walk around and stop at instruments for a little practice session.  I have a lot of work to do, especially on the drum set.  I'm curious to see how this informs my trombone and saxophone playing- they are ALL connected!  

The new CD is out to radio now- glad to hear the positive feedback that it has been getting. The recording, entitled REACHING OUT makes more than a few connections: Generational between veteran and younger talents, under-appreciated compositions by masters Cedar Walton, Kenny Drew, nods to my trombone heroes Steve Turre, Conrad Herwig, plus some material outside of straight-ahead jazz.  This was the the first time that I felt comfortable in recording pop tunes.  When I was younger and in college, reading all the jazz mags, I remember reading reviews where critics just destroyed great musicians for doing that- using works like corny, sellout, etc.  and thinking that playing a pop tune was the kiss of death to artistic sincerity.  Then I started hearing adventurous arrangements of some old pop that sounds like a sonic math problem, thinking to myself, man, is a song A SONG when it is barely recognizable?  Is that the price for original artistry?  Seems like murky waters diving through material like that ... I just didn't know how I felt about recording that music until I heard Ronald Isley sing "ALFIE" and thought to myself- wow... I love these songs too, and I want to play them in my voice the way I hear them and share the part they played in my own story.  It's all so personal, and I see myself as an messenger, an emissary rather than a translator.  And to people that appreciate my small part in the music- also appreciate Dionne Warwick, Whitney Houston, Hank Williams Sr., Otis Redding, and in the case of my newest CD, Paul McCartney/Boyz II Men/Extreme, they are part of why I became a musician, play trombone and all the rest.  

If anyone is interested in seeing the complete artist notes that I wrote about each track, leave a comment here and I'll post them shortly.  

I'm going to get back to enjoying my Sunday.  Stay warm, strong and optimistic ya'll. 

Yours with a Hi-Five,


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